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Total Population                                                 

Greater Annandale (5 mile radius)                       


African American                                                

Native American                                                  

Asian American *                                               

Two or more Races                                              

Hispanic/Latino of any Race                               


*Includes Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, & Vietnamese. The Korean & Vietnamese populations are approximately the same at slightly less than 8% each with the Asian Indian population growing at the fastest rate throughout the Washington Metro area.


Household Income

Fairfax County                                                   




The median household income in Annandale is 65.3% greater than the Virginia average and 91.4% greater than the national average.

Median Home Value

Fairfax County                                                   


Occupied Annandale Housing Units                        



Graduate degree                                                   

Bachelor’s degree                                                 

Associate’s degree                                               

Completed some college                                       













$  59,330








About Annandale

Annandale is centrally situated at the cross roads of Northern Virginia. Located only minutes from every major highway; it is the heart of Fairfax County.  Annandale's prime location, just inside the Capital Beltway, and with a choice transportation network, puts Annandale in a thriving key commercial corridor.  Locating a business in Annandale provides a strong strategic advantage.

Greater Annandale is a family oriented community which offers a variety of home styles, convenient shopping, extensive parks and hiking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, a Nature Center, a 9 hole golf course, and the only Horticulture Center in the county along with a plethora of wonderful restaurants and schools.  Besides budding professionals, educators, scientists, authors and horticulturists, Annandale boast three culinary training programs and two seasonal farmer's markets. 

The Future

In 2010, a new comprehensive plan was adopted for the Annanadale Central Business District (CDB), which is the first of it's kind in Fairfax County and grants significant advantages in redevelopment. 

Instead of traditional land use strategies, the new plan provides significant flexibility to help support Annandale's revitalization efforts. It does not specify intensity or single land use, but rather permits properties to be redeveloped with a mix of uses and to achieve maximum height by providing community amenities.  

This plan encourages redevelopment that will increase the residential population and create a pedestrian oriented environment.  It's vision calls for a vibrant mix of land uses that enhance the quality of life for it's own and neighboring residents, while enabling businesses to prosper and contribute to Annandale's vitality.  Redevelopment will included higher density, mixed use projects that strengthen the street edge; where people can walk to shopping, entertainment & community activities.  High quality redevelopment will enable Annandale's CBD to reach it's full potential, while strengthening surrounding residential communities.  

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